Every Republican candidate for president in 2016 should read this article

Doug Sosnik is one of those guys you've never heard of, but has a major impact on campaigns. He's a "big picture" political analyst whose specialty is spotting trends in the electorate. Sosnik penned a sharp, concise analysis of the coming "hinge" moment in American politics. It's not just demographics that is leading to a political revolution; it's the technological and economic changes in America that will alter who we are as a country. Now, though, there are signs that the transformation is starting to pick up steam in our elections. Even though we have yet to feel the full impact at the ballot box we’re nearing a shift that will signal an inevitable political earthquake. Years from now we are going to look back at this period of time and see it as a “hinge” moment, a term Princeton Physicist Freeman Dyson used to describe a connection point that ties two historical periods in time, one before and one...(Read Full Post)