Big elections coming up in Mexico

During my time in Mexico (1980-84), I found that midterm elections were treated like a joke and drew very little interest from the population.  I will never forget the summer of 1982.  On one corner, there were signs about the elections.  On the other corner, most Mexicans were watching the World Cup in restaurants, taquerías, and cantinas. It was the natural consequence of a presidential system and a one-party state.  In other words, everybody knew the results before the votes were counted, as a Mexican friend said.   That was then, but it's very different now. For better or worse, Mexico has a very passionate political landscape these days.  They have three active political parties and a bunch of other little ones, as my friend Allan Wall reported last week. The elections will be a big referendum on President Peña Nieto: This mid-term vote can be considered a referendum on the administration of...(Read Full Post)