Cheers for Alabama and Voters!

Former Senator Tom Coburn recently called for a constitutional convention. I second that, especially after watching the way that voters across the country are being disrespected by judicial opinions, most recently on same-sex marriage. Do voters matter in this debate? I think you would hear an overwhelming "YES" from the Founding Fathers. My view on same-sex marriage is that marriage is between a man and a woman. This is rooted on my Catholic upbringing as well as my understanding of the institution of marriage in history. For centuries, marriage has been the foundation on which the family unit has rested. It's not perfect but it has worked rather well. Let's be carefully about changing the definition of marriage to satisfy a very small segment of the population. Nevertheless, my definition of marriage is just that, or my opinion. I have opinions about speed limits, stadium curfews, and the DH rule...(Read Full Post)