TSA says report detailing security breaches 'too secret' to release

A report from the Transportation Security Administration detailing serious security breaches at the nation;s airports has been held up for months because the TSA insists the information in the report is classified. Inspector general John Roth had been trying to pry the report loose, but was ignored by TSA management. Washington Times: Inspector General John Roth said the Transportation Security Agency was abusing its powers in order to shield the information — though he said the agency had released the exact same kinds of details in previous reports, so there’s no valid reason not to release them now. He said the only conclusion is that the agency is hiding behind classification. “Over-classification is the enemy of good government. SSI markings should be used only to protect transportation security, rather than, as I fear occurred here, to allow government program officials to conceal negative information within a report,” Mr. Roth said,...(Read Full Post)