Pelosi appoints a race-baiting Muslim to a national security committee

Nancy Pelosi has appointed Muslim congressman Andre Carson (D-IN) to the House’s Permanent Select Committee just a week after Islamic terrorists slaughtered 17 people in Paris.  Carson has familial ties to Louis Farrakhan, hates the Tea Party, and sees U.S. schools as ripe for Islamic indoctrination. In 2007, Andre Carson tried to distance himself from the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader in order to secure his grandmother's congressional seat.  The late Julia Carson and Farrakhan, according to the Indy Star, went "way back."  Carson's wife even said Farrakhan was with Julia the night Andre was born. Before she died in December 2007, Congresswoman Julia Carson requested that Farrakhan speak at her funeral service. Wishing to honor his grandmother's dying wish to have Farrakhan say a few words over her casket, Carson sought guidance from Imam Muhammad Siddeeq of the Al Nurah Islamic Center in Indianapolis.  Siddeeq said...(Read Full Post)