Defiant Obama offers liberal agenda he knows will go nowhere in Congress

President Obama's State of the Union speech was a throwback – a rehash of liberal ideas and dreams over the last 40 years that have no chance of passage and will never even see the light of day in committee hearings on the Hill. Then why propose them?  Jay Cost at Weekly Standard has some thoughts: Rather than acknowledge the new Republican majorities, and try to find common ground, the president insisted on policies he knows the GOP will never accept. Tax, spend, regulate, then repeat -- as if this is 2009 and Nancy Pelosi, not John Boehner, is sitting behind him. Why? I think it’s because this president’s number one priority is always to appear unbowed.  He must imitate Jake LaMotta taunting Sugar Ray Robinson at the end of Raging Bull: “You never knocked me down, Ray!” If Obama were to respond to the midterms as Bill Clinton did -- defending liberal values while working on problems with Republicans where the two sides...(Read Full Post)