A tale of two SOTU parties

After all, the two parties are leagues apart – 180 degrees, Dem from Rep, right?  So who would expect them to a couple of doors away from each other for the vaunted 2015 State of the Union speech gather-togethers? Both parties invited me, and both offered festive drinks and pub-fare for the yoicksome 3-plus-hour PM assembly and listen-fest. But that’s why my resolve to go to both gatherings became not just a good plan I’d devised before I knew the street addresses became irresistible.  One was at 8 East 36th Street, and the other at 16 West.  A single block apart.  Seemed unlikely, but who knows?  Did they plot this? one wondered. So we went to both venues.  Our face a palimpsest of empty, so as not to give anything away.  How were the different events?  What were the moods?  When would be the applause or boo lines of the regime mouthpiece? Over the past 6 years (who was in the White House?),...(Read Full Post)