The Feinstein CIA Memo

On the Friday after 9/11, I took our 11-year-old to his first fall baseball game.  The reality of 9/11 hit me right between the eyes.  The field was empty and the game was canceled because parents were concerned about going out.  It was a weird feeling, but it confirmed just how scared everyone was. I remember driving around to my business appointments for days after the attack.  Everyone was furious and ready to take whatever action to prevent another attack.  Over and over again, I heard about those kids who lost their fathers and those sickening images of people jumpoing to their deaths. Torture?  Yes, torture was watching those towers collapse and know that hundreds were killed instantly!  Yes, torture was knowing that kids like my three sons would grow up without a dad to play catch with or talk sports. For the record, I think that the Bush administration reacted with proper urgency after 9/11.  We had just lost 3,000...(Read Full Post)