Sharpton as the Maltese Falcon

Al Sharpton reminds me of the Maltese Falcon.  At every tragedy, he shows up on a shelf of tears next to the serious grievers, the family members, looking like an imitation of the real bird.  But all the suckers are happy to have him there.  Maybe their mental faculties have been weakened by their grief?  Maybe they don’t see that he is not the real thing, that he is a fake, a charlatan, an imposter trying to use their grief to his own purposes – getting enough fame and money to make up his four-million-dollar debt to the IRS. So who could not respect and applaud the family of wrongly shot Akai Gurley for saying that Sharpton’s attending Akai’s funeral would turn it into a circus?  Gurley was shot in Brooklyn’s Louis Pink Houses by a cop who fired blindly into a dark stairwell.  The family rebuffs Sharpton: “Who made you the spokesperson of our family?  We just want to bury our nephew with dignity and...(Read Full Post)