Sen. Feinstein has opened Pandora's Box for the Democrats

The Democratic Party is well on the way to restoring its reputation as weak on national security, not to be trusted with the nation’s safety.  Senator Dianne Feinstein and the Democrat majority on the Senate Intelligence Committee who insisted on releasing their partisan report on CIA enhanced interrogation techniques (sometimes known as “torture”) have opened a Pandora’s Box. Writing at Ricochet, Herbert Meyer, recipient of the nation’s highest intelligence medal for civilians, outlines in stark terms the sort of dilemma Feinstein’s report sets up for Democrats:  Let’s use what’s called the Ticking-Time-Bomb scenario to illustrate this point: A terrorist group announces that it’s placed a nuclear device somewhere in San Francisco. They say it will detonate in 72 hours. The senior senator from California — that would be Dianne Feinstein, outgoing chair of the Senate Intelligence...(Read Full Post)