Public overwhelmingly supports further probe of IRS

The IRS scandal is a ticking time bomb, with backup tapes of Lois Lerner’s e-mails discovered but so far not released and the news that the Justice Department was actively coordinating with Lois Lerner on targeting conservative groups for possible criminal prosecution, creating the obvious need for a special prosecutor.  Attempts by President Obama to dismiss the scandal as having not a “smidgen of corruption” have not persuaded the public. Fox News has taken the kind of poll that the mainstream media would avoid like the plague (hat tip: Instapundit). Seventy percent say the IRS investigation should last until “someone is held accountable.”  That’s down from a high of 78 percent in June 2013.  About one in five thinks it is time to move on (22 percent). (snip) …majorities of Democrats (60 percent), independents (75 percent) and Republicans (78 percent) support lawmakers continuing to dig.  The new poll also...(Read Full Post)