Little Money or Media Attention for Grieving White Mothers' Sons

Eric Garner's, Trayvon Martin's, Tamir Rice's, and Michael Brown's mothers appeared on Anderson Cooper last Friday night bemoaning the fate of their four sons. All four said if their kids were white, they would still be alive.  Give me a break.  Whites get killed by cops, too, and there are no trips to Geneva or Great Britain or theatrics on Good Morning America. Young white male lives extinguished by the police don't seem to matter when it comes to online fundraising, foundations, and race-baiting lawyers with connections to the White House. Characteristically, 20-year-old Dillon Taylor fits the same pattern as Brown, Rice, Garner, and Martin.  Taylor, a troubled young man with a criminal record, was unarmed when shot by a police officer in August 2014.  Racially, Taylor didn't match up to the others.  He was a “white Hispanic” killed by a “non- white” police officer, according to local news reports. ...(Read Full Post)