PBS Video: Gruber Nuzzles His Cockatoo Before 2013 Rollout

In this PBS NewsHour video (embedded below) on the high cost of health care in Massachusetts, MIT’s Jonathan Gruber and fellow MIT colleague Jean Yang, executive director of Massachusetts Health Connector, the state’s Obamacare health insurance exchange, give an “all systems go” for the October 1, 2013 rollout. Gruber first tutors PBS's Paul Solman on Connector, a system he helped craft for Romneycare, then takes us inside his home in Lexington, Massachusetts, which he "shares with more than a few feathered friends."  The architect of Obamacare points out that his snuggly pet cockatoo Phoebe "will live to be about a hundred years old."  Gruber loves birds.  So does his wife Andrea, who sits on the board of Foster Parrots, Ltd., a non-profit dedicated to the protection of "unwanted and unadoptable" parrots. Under Obamacare, the bird will fare much better than human beings.  In another segment, Dr....(Read Full Post)