Hard-left drivers of the 'new civil rights movement' demonstrations on Ferguson

The “spontaneous” demonstrations across America on Ferguson are widely populated by socialist and communist groups. Here are four more groups adding to a previous post here.  (1) A.N.S.W.E.R. is active in street demonstrations in, at least, Chicago and Washington, D.C.  It’s affiliation with the Party for Socialism and Liberation was established in previous American Thinker posts.  (2) The International Action Center (IAC) passed out signs in New York City. Here’s how the IAC describes its mission: “The International Action Center is committed to the building broad-based grassroots coalitions to oppose to U.S. wars abroad while fighting against racism and economic exploitation of workers here at home. With every mobilization or campaign, the IAC strives to draw from the leadership, connect the struggles, and bring together communities of color, women, lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, youth and students,...(Read Full Post)