'Moderate' Syrian rebels highly critical of US airstrikes, policy

A little more evidence that the president's bombing campaign in Syria is mostly for show, and that its chances of working are close to zero. Our supposed allies in Syria, the "moderate," secular opposition, is taking a rather dim view of our efforts so far, and are growing angry about civilian casualties and the administration's lack of follow through in arming the Free Syrian Army. David Kenner writing in Foreign Policy, relates the story of an FSA-affiliated commander whose original success in capturing large tracts of land from Syrian government forces was frittered away in the last year as ISIS forces swept through areas under his control. America didn't support him then and we're not supporting him now. And, by his lights, we're not doing much to fight ISIS but we're doing a lot to anger civilians. But Abu Khalaf's hatred of the Islamic State doesn't mean he supports the U.S.-led airstrikes targeting the group. He is scathing...(Read Full Post)