Karl Rove's Strategic Concealment Initiative

Karl Rove has come under fire for masterminding the Bush Administration policy of hiding the discovery of stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Rove, along with Bush, had a policy befitting a schoolyard bully victim, and he no doubt believed the argument was lost and didn't want to reopen old wounds. Apparently soldiers in Iraq were under strict orders not to talk about the many canisters of mustard gas and nerve gas found hidden by Saddam Hussein's regime. The principle argument in defense of this practice is that it was intended to keep these weapons out of the hands of the insurgents; the Administration didn't want the terrorists to know about them, to allow them to use them against U.S. forces. This argument seems weak. First, it was believed early on that the insurgency was an extension of the Iraqi military, planned in advance by Saddam and his top brass. While it quickly turned into a general uprising, with foreign fighters thrown in, many of...(Read Full Post)