We Are Losing WWIII

In a prescient article, Daniel Greenfield states that “on September 11, thousands were murdered in one day. The Democrats don’t like calling what happened on that day an act of war. Americans however know it’s a war and are determined to win.” The Democratic equivocation about the meaning of war not only fails to acknowledge that we are in a war, but fails also to acknowledge the scope of that war.  If 9/11 ushered in WWIII, then our perspective about individual conflicts – e.g.,  the implications for winning the war against ISIS in Iraq – are far-reaching.  We are not in a mere skirmish.  Rather, it is a war between civilizations, not nation-states per se, as were World Wars I and II.  Our hesitancy to mobilize for a war of this scale could be considered alarming.  Our government is in denial of or fleeing not only from a simple acknowledgement of our war condition, but also from the scale of the war. The war...(Read Full Post)