Supreme Court blocks expansion of Ohio early voting

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Monday staying the order of a district court preventing various cutbacks in early voting (including a cutback from 35 to 28 days, and elimination of one of the two early voting days on a Sunday, a day African-American churches had been using for “Souls to the Polls” voter drives. Note that this ruling will not eliminate early voting. Ohio will still have one of the most liberal early voting rules in the country. But state officials argued that the increase in voting days would place a burden on local election boards. A very liberal judge in district court disagreed and ordered the expansion, which the Supreme Court has mostly cut back to where it was. Election Law Blog: That the Court divided 5-4 along liberal conservative lines is no surprise.  As I wrote this morning in Slate of the various election voting wars cases making their way up the the Supreme Court, “For the most part, it has been Democratic and more...(Read Full Post)