Is Putin threatening to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine?

The one thing that makes Russian President Vladimir Putin such a difficult character to read is his unpredictability. It's the same thing that makes him successful. Would be opponents are fluimmoxed by his sudden shifts in policy, such as his statements denying any interest in annexing Crimea - which of  course, he eventually did. Now that Russian troops are fighting with Ukrainian rebels - after Putin swore they wouldn't - you have to wonder about some of the statements coming from Moscow and how much is bluster, and how much is real. Yesterday, Putin suggested immediate talks should be held about forming a southeast Ukraine state. The import was clear: What was once considered the territory of Ukraine was now fair game - Putin's for the taking.. The Russian president is carving up Ukraine like a roast and won't be satisfied until he devours the whole thing. Putin has also made clear that other nations shouldn't mess with Russia. Why? The Daily...(Read Full Post)