Camille Paglia: College Females Clueless about 'Sexy Clothes' and Males' 'Savage Natures'

In a Time magazine commentary, dissident feminist Camille Paglia cites the tragic case of missing college student Hannah Graham to suggest that sexual assault campaigns on campuses across the nation “obscure” real dangers to women.  The “modern campus cannot comprehend evil,” Ms. Paglia writes. Universities should not be adjudicating sex crimes that are better left to the police, nor should administrators be informing student dating policies, according to Paglia.  Not only is spreading “hysterical propaganda” about the high number of sexual assaults on campuses dangerous, but the “overblown claims” make it tougher for coeds to grow up.  Laws now being enacted like “Yes Means Yes” in California “infantilize” young men and women. (On this point I wonder if Paglia knows that the “hysterical propaganda” she references is being personally marketed by her pick for president.  In...(Read Full Post)