Top Medicare official and criminal conpiracy?

There is a widespread pattern of Obama administration officials “losing” emails which they are legally required to maintain records of.  When the emails in question were under subpoena, there is a strong chance that crimes have been committed, although the question of intent must be addressed. Lois Lerner has already invoked her Fifth Amendment protections in the matter of her missing emails. She may soon have company. Jillian Kay Melchior reports in NRO: News broke last Thursday that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator Marilyn Tavenner had probably deleted e-mails related to the glitchy rollout of — e-mails that had been subpoenaed by Congress. CMS has insisted it’s just a benign accident. “In order to stay below the agency’s Microsoft Outlook email size limit, Tavenner would regularly delete emails after copying or forwarding them to her staff for retention,” MSNBC wrote...(Read Full Post)