Those Black Young Men Without Fathers

As a Cuban American, I will never understand what it's like to grow up black in the U.S.  As the son of a very responsible father, and the dad of 3 wonderful sons, I do understand the importance of a father in young man's life.   With all due respect to the "race hustlers", the "grievance crowd" and the black left still living in the 1950s, Ferguson is not about race, racism, or terrible white people.   Ferguson is really about something awful happening in black America, something that no politician peddling "hope and change" can fix.   Linda Chavez quotes Jason Riley's new book and some statistics that the left can no longer "race card" away: In 2012, blacks made up 38.5 percent of all persons arrested for violent crimes and 51.5 percent of those under 18 arrested for such crimes, but they constituted only 13 percent of the population.  And even accounting for the possibility or likelihood of...(Read Full Post)