The Real Reasons Why Americans Still Suffer from Economic Stress

The mainstream media continues to run interference for President Obama and protect him from any responsibility for the devastating economic conditions across the country his policies have primarily caused and perpetuated.  Despite record number of Americans (92+ million) who are no longer in the labor force,. rapidly declining entrepreneurship with more companies closing than opening across America and a record-breaking poverty rate (50 million Americans now live below the poverty line), Reuters still manages to blame former President Bush (not by name, but indirectly by reference to the “Great Recession”) and give Obama a free pass on all his economically disastrous, anti-growth, and anti-wealth-creation policies he implements and continues to champion. A quarter of U.S. families feel they are under economic stress due to the aftershock of the Great Recession and most do not expect their wages to increase in the next year, according to a new Federal Reserve...(Read Full Post)