The end of innocence for Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

There are numbers of well meaning people who, having seen the pictures of horror out of Gaza, have become unwitting, and I believe unwilling, useful innocents, of a murderous terrorist army that sacrifices the Palestinian people of Gaza on the altar of their own political greed. The do this out of their very humanity, and natural empathy with people who are suffering and their rage at those whom they believe to be the cause of their sufferin,. And all the while, Hamas rains down missiles from the skies, and terror from below, in the form of terrorist tunnel attacks, against the innocent people of Israel. But as of yesterday their innocence ended. There is no longer any excuse for abetting murder. Many who have decried Israel's actions as disproportionate or even genocidal have made eloquent pleas for the end of the violence and killing and the suffering of the Palestinian people. They have rightly empathized with grieving Palestinian mothers and...(Read Full Post)