Takin' a Stand for Conservatism: Joe Miller for U.S. Senate, Alaska

In the history of a particular high school back in the 1960s, no pregnant student was allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.  A leftist group threatened the school with a lawsuit, which led to the school rescinding its policy.  A pregnant student walked across stage to receive her diploma.  The following year, 23 students pranced across the stage, pregnant, at graduation.  The moral: you get what you tolerate. The GOP continues to shove tired old RINO primary candidates down our throats – bullying our Tea Party candidates with their deep pockets and dirty tricks.  A most recent example is the GOP using the deplorable Democrat tactic of race-baiting to steal Chris McDaniel's victory over RINO Thad Cochran in Mississippi. The GOP has joined the Democrats and MSM, attempting to brand the Tea Party as extreme and as nutcases.  How outrageous, insulting, and despicable is that, when the truth is that we are simply demanding that...(Read Full Post)