Polling industry group criticizes NY Times, CBS poll

The art of polling may be based on science, but there is also a subjective element that can't be eliminated. The best polls are the ones that have the least amoung of subjectivity, i.e., not trying to "rig" a poll by fashioning questions designed to get the desired response. On Friday, the polling industry organization that oversees polling companies cried foul on the Ne3w York Times and CBS for conducting a poll whose methodology had “little grounding in theory." Politico: Last Sunday, the two news organizations unveiled their “Battleground Tracker,” an online survey updated each month. The poll — conducted by Internet pollster YouGov — interviewed more than 100,000 people nationwide, the news organizations said, allowing them to project results for each Senate race in the country. The results were featured on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” and the New York Times “Upshot” data-driven vertical...(Read Full Post)