Our 'Fergusons' don't need justice. They need real hope for change

My guess is that there are lots of encounters every night in US inner cities between a black young man and a white police officer.    It's not because of racism. It's because too many young black men are involved in crime.  Unfortunately, nobody wants to talk about that or the other structural problems in black America.   Ferguson, Missouri, is another exhibit of everything that is wrong in our cities, as posted by Kevin Williamson: "Ferguson was hardly a happy suburban garden spot until the shooting of Michael Brown. Ferguson is about two-thirds black, and 28 percent of those black residents live below the poverty line. The median income is well below the Missouri average, and Missouri is hardly the nation’s runaway leader in economic matters. More than 60 percent of the births in the city of St. Louis (and about 40 percent in St. Louis County) are out of wedlock." And there is more, especially a reference to...(Read Full Post)