Joe Carr Rally Celebrates Conservative Women

The Democrats' claim that the Republicans have a war on women is just plain stupid.  Even more annoying is the mainstream media's refusal to challenge the Democrat's absurd premise, especially when the facts prove the polar opposite.  If anyone has a war on women, it is the Democrats. But we all know this. I have written about it countless times. I wrote a parody to the tune of The Temptations' classic hit, “My Girl.”  “Our Girls” is my tribute song to our bold, courageous, and confident conservative women: Sarah Palin, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin, to name a few.  Speaker Boehner could take a cue from these women when dealing with Obama. Sarah Palin and Laura Ingraham endorsed Joe Carr over RINO Lamar (voted with Obama 62% of the time) Alexander in the August 7 Republican primary. At a Joe Carr rally, I thought it fitting and proper that we thank and celebrate Sarah Palin and Laura...(Read Full Post)