Hillary, Gaza is spread out and it makes no difference

From the mouth of the potential, glass ceiling crashing Democratic 2016 presidential candidate, who brought us "What difference does it make?" comes another frightening distortion of important reality. In a television interview, discussing the situation of Israel being forced to bomb civilian targets in Gaza, Hillary Rodham Clinton actually rationalized Hamas' use of civilian locations for weapons storage and terror launching.   The problem is, and this is something — I’m not a military planner, but Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas, part of it is is that Gaza’s pretty small and its densely populated. They put their command and control of Hamas military leaders in those civilian areas. No, as this rambling proves, Hillary is definitely not a military planner.  Nor should she be President of the US or its Secretary of State.  But remember, if she is, God, please forbid!, elected president of the US she...(Read Full Post)