CDC issues highest alert for Ebola

There are two ways you can read the news that the Centers for Disease Control has issued its highest level alert on the Ebola virus: 1. You can ascribe it to the agency being extra cautious; or 2. You could postulate that they are convinced the virus will eventually reach our shores NBC News: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday ramped up its response to the expanding Ebola outbreak, a move that frees up hundreds of employees and signals the agency sees the health emergency as a potentially long and serious one. The CDC’s “level 1 activation” is reserved for the most serious public health emergencies, and the agency said the move was appropriate considering the outbreak’s “potential to affect many lives.” The CDC took a similar move in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and again in 2009 during the bird-flu threat. The Ebola outbreak is believed to have killed 932 people in the African nations of...(Read Full Post)