Hamas bombs open spaces to discover Israel's weaknesses--Domino's Pizza

As Jack Engelhard of Israel National News noted Although you can be sure about the rest of CNN, especially its man on the scene Ben Wedeman, reporting from Gaza, or maybe from inside Israel. In any case, good ol’ Ben was unhappy. This is not a direct quote, but close: “Hamas keeps firing rockets into Israel but they are not hitting anybody. They’re landing in open spaces. So what’s the use?” He is correct.  Sure, now many of Hamas' rockets are landing in open spaces but others, over cities and towns, are being spectacularly brought down by Iron Dome.  But Israel, not underestimating the enemy while protecting its citizens, realizes there might be other, darker currents for these missiles seemingly aimed at harmless open spaces according to Debka. http://debka.com/article/24095/The-hidden-intelligence-agendas-behind-Hamas%E2%80%99-1-000-rocket-barrage-and-Israel%E2%80%99s-1-500-air-strikes   These might be the...(Read Full Post)