Gaza and the End Game

Gaza has 1.8 million residents and a population growth rate of 2.9%.  The population doubling time is 25 years and at that rate Gaza’s population will be 3.6 million in 2039.  Most of Gaza’s GDP is from foreign aid and most of that is distributed by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).  On the UNRWA website there is an advertisement for donations that says feeding a family in Gaza costs $1,080 per month.  Assuming six people per family, that works out at about $6 per person per day.  That sounds in the ballpark given that European and US aid to Gaza is supposed to be $700 million per annum with $250 million-odd of that from the US.  The newly wealthy Islamic state of Qatar is also providing funds.  Some of those funds are diverted to bringing in thousands of missiles which are fired into Israel.  Part of the funds for the Iron Dome system that shoots down the Gazan missiles is provided by the US.  This...(Read Full Post)