Don't make Obama's day by impeaching him

In a perfect world, we'd have a president who actually loves his country and appreciates the Constitution that he pledged to defend.   He wouldn't be a narcissist or surrounded by "yes we can" screamers.  He would also meet with members of Congress and try to find some common ground rather than spend his time fundraising and creating "straw men."   Unfortunately, we don't.    At the same time, impeachment would accomplish nothing because there are not 67 votes in the US Senate. He'd be impeached on a party-line vote in the House  It would make the Clinton impeachment look friendly in retrospect.   Therefore, all of this talk about impeachment won't remove President Obama or make him respect the Constitution anymore.  It will, however, rally his disillusioned base and turn on the race card like we have not seen before.   His side will say that the impeachment is because...(Read Full Post)