The IDF soldier who Influenced Foggy Bottom

According to the Hebrew calendar, this week is the 47th year anniversary of the Six Day War; and the reunification of Jerusalem is celebrated in Israel on Wednesday. The Six Day War was a huge victory for Israel, and there were many heroic stories from the battlefields. Among them is the story of Joseph Levy, short and seemingly uneventful, yet whose influence had a significant effect on future U.S.-Israel relations. Before replacing Alexander Haig as secretary of state, George Schultz was an executive at Bechtel -- an oil company associated with various Arab countries -- and thus it seemed Israel would be at odds with the State Department. However, George Schultz turned out to be a good friend of Israel. Many people recall events in their lives which significantly impacted who they are and how they think. Sometimes these events can change a person’s opinion from one extreme to the other extreme. George Schultz, during an event at the Washington Institute...(Read Full Post)