The 'illegal immigrant' surge has a lot to do with what's happening in Central America

It would be easy to blame President Obama's pandering of the Mexican American vote for "the surge" in people crossing the border. Yes, this is a president who "panders like no one else" but this time the problem is the collapse of Guatemala and other Central American countries.  Sadly, no one is watching what is happening in that region. They are coming, crossing Mexico and headed for Texas, according to The New York Times: "The migrants are no longer primarily Mexican laborers. Instead they are Central Americans, including many families with small children and youngsters without their parents, who risk a danger-filled journey across Mexico. Driven out by deepening poverty but also by rampant gang violence, increasing numbers of migrants caught here seek asylum, setting off lengthy legal procedures to determine whether they qualify. The new migrant flow, largely from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, is straining resources and...(Read Full Post)