Gangsta Grammar and Gun Free Zones

An unidentified Chesterfield, Virginia middle school teacher came under fire from a parent advocate when she assigned violent rap lyrics as part of a grammar lesson. On Friday Tammy Motola told a local radio host Chesterfield parents started burning up her inbox when their 11 year-olds’ schoolwork included lyrics by the rapper Lil Wayne. The assignment entitled “Introduction to Similes and Metaphors Through the Lens of Rap Music” used lines from the song Ice Cream Paint Job. "Ice Cream" glorifies guns, sex and violence. Along with the "N"-word, there is talk of gang banging and bending over women to have sex with them. Talk show host Jimmy Barrett remarked that playing even part of the song for his audience would be nearly impossible; there was not enough time for his producers to edit every other word.  The teacher chose the following section and instructed the sixth-graders to come up with their own similes and...(Read Full Post)