Missing plane was carrying flammable lithium-ion batteries

The theory on the disappearance of Flight 370 that a serious fire raced through the fuselage incapacitating the pilots before they could send a distress call recieved a boost when the CEO of Malaysia Airline admitted that the plane carried highly flammable lithium-ion batteries as cargo. Business Insider: On Friday, Malaysia Airlines CEO released some new information that could bolster the fire theory. Four days after denying that the plane had carried any hazardous materials, the CEO admitted that it was carrying a shipment of lithium-ion batteries in its cargo hold. These batteries, which commonly power cell phones and other gadgets, have occasionally caused fires, including on airplanes.  The Mail reports data from the FAA citing 140 incidents in the last 25 years involving lithium-ion batteries. At least two major crashes in the past two decades, meanwhile, have been caused by on-board fires, including a Swissair flight in 1998 and a UPS cargo plane in...(Read Full Post)