Is the CU-Boulder Sexual Harassment Scandal Falling Apart?

About a month ago, this author expressed his deep suspicion of claims that CU-Boulder’s philosophy department had a sexual harassment problem. The story made national news after the school released a report prepared by a “site visit team” from the Committee on the Climate for women in philosophy. To this author at least, the report seemed to be oddly short on specifics, and what little it did have seemed rather trivial, especially in light of the draconian sanctions imposed on the department. Dr. Michael Tooley of the CU-Boulder philosophy department has come forward to offer an insider account matching this author’s suspicions. The department Tooley describes consists of sincere liberals deeply concerned with creating an environment friendly to women. When the department found out that a faculty member had been punished for sexual harassment, they immediately formed a committee to study the issue, and see if there were any other problems. In...(Read Full Post)