Greedy liberals prefer cheap oil over peoples' lives

Liberals gleefully support the reduction of sanctions on Iran despite its nuclear weapons program which the country's elected president, Hassan Rouhani, proudly promises will be used, along with other weapons, to wipe out  Little Satan, Israel and its population and--even better--Big Satan, the US. Europe, much closer to Iran's missile range, is not exempt. Nevertheless, now that President Barack Obama (D) relaxed sanctions against Iran if it promised to be good, Iran's oil exports are increasing as western European nations, socialist to their core, come calling, eager to do business with their would be executors.  President Barack Obama's (D) buddies are sure to follow. Unconcerned with doing business with people who blithely show their contempt for them, these self righteous liberal supplicants of Iranian oil are indifferent to the horror of everyday life for Iranian citizens as Adam Kredo of The Washington Free Beacon reports. Iran is executing...(Read Full Post)