Cake Wars

In December 2013, Judge Robert Spencer ordered the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop to start baking cakes for gay weddings. According to undercover footage obtained by the ACLU the proprietor, Jack Phillips, agreed to bake a cake for a wedding between two dogs, but refused to bake a cake for a gay marriage. Some saw the issue in terms of free speech; Jack Phillips was refusing to participate in something he disagreed with. Others saw it as a question of discrimination; Jack Phillips was denying a service to gays that he granted to heterosexuals (including heterosexual dogs). While both views have merit, if you value civil rights you have to side with Jack Philips. The basic free speech argument is straightforward, and easy to understand. Jack Phillips didn’t deny Charlie and David Mullins a cake because they were gay; he denied them a cake because he didn’t want to participate in a gay wedding. If they came in and tried to buy a cake for some other purpose he would have...(Read Full Post)