Net Neutrality rules tossed by court

In a landmark case on net neutrality, a federal court has ruled in favor of Verizon who was challenging new rules by the FCC on how broadband internet providers do business. In essence, companies like Verizon want to charge more to deliver speedier service. Companies that deliver a lot of streaming content would pay more than others, for example.  FCC net neutrality rules had kept a "free and open internet" so that a company like Netflix, which streams a lot of content, wouldn't pay anymore than anyone else. The Hill: A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down regulations that require Internet providers to treat all traffic the same, dealing a potentially fatal blow to President Obama's push for "net neutrality." Opponents of the rules, led by plaintiff Verizon, hailed the decision from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals as a victory over government meddling in the marketplace.  "The court's decision will allow more room for innovation, and consumers will...(Read Full Post)