If I like my Iranian centrifuges I can - and will - keep my Iranian centrifuges. Period.

The Iranians say what they mean and mean what they say.  No spin here.  Unlike, hmm, oh, say the White House.  So, as reported here yesterday when Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javid Zarif emphatically stated on Wednesday, "we did not agree to dismantle anything" he meant it despite the White House insisting that it negotiated a good deal with Iran to contain its nuclear program. Uh, not according to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani himself.  The very next day, Thursday, Rouhani supported Zarif, telling no less than CNN's Farred Zakaria twice that "Not under any circumstances.  Not under any circumstances." would Iran destroy the centrifuges. HASSAN ROUHANI: So in the context of nuclear technology, particularly of research and development and peaceful nuclear technology, we will not accept any limitations. And in accordance with the parliament law, in the future, we're going to need 20,000 mega watts of nuclear produced electricity and we're determined...(Read Full Post)