17 year old fingered as author of malware used in Target attack

A 17 year old Russian hacker who goes by the online handle of "ree4" has been identified as the author of the malware that was used to attack Target and Neiman Marcus. The teenager, Sergey Taraspov, is well known in cyber crime circles having developed other malicious codes to hack commercial systems. He apparently sold about 40 copies of his program to criminals who then modified it slightly and used it to sweep up at least 80 million debit and credit card numbers from Target alone. Now, the firm that first revealed the Target attack, is saying that 6 other companies suffered a similar fate. PC World: Clements said IntelCrawler is "90 percent" sure of its finding, based on the forum postings and sources it communicated with. The forum posts indicate the teenager sold the malware for $2000 or for a share of the profits that came from monetizing stolen payment card details, Clements said. BlackPOS was also sold to "carding" websites such as .rescator, Track2.name and...(Read Full Post)