Truck filled with radioactive material goes missing in Mexico

It's been a busy 24-hour news cycle for Mexicans. First, Sr Lopez-Obrador, the candidate of the left who lost a very controversial election in 2006, suffered a heart attack.  He is apparently in a stable condition but his political future is suddenly uncertain.  Sr Lopez-Obrador had been busy lately fighting President Pena-Nieto's efforts to reform PEMEX and public education.  Who will take Sr. Lopez-Obrador's place?  Time will tell but it's hard to replace a legend. Second, a truck carrying radioactive material is missing. The BBC has an update: "Local media reported that the truck, a 2.5-tonne Volkswagen Worker, was stolen by armed men at a petrol station in Tepojaco, on the outskirts of Mexico City on Monday morning. Mexican police are currently conducting a search for the truck and its contents and have issued a press release to alert the public of its potential dangers. Experts have long warned about the danger posed by radioactive material...(Read Full Post)