The world will not wait for the next guy, Mr. President

You can't criticize President Obama for spending a lot of time getting "Obama Care web site reports" or reading income inequality "speech drafts." The web site is a mess and "income inequality" speeches are intended to distract the disillusioned base that really wanted to close GITMO. However, President Obama has 3 years to go and the world will not wait for the next guy.  Look around:  There is a lot going on around the world, as David Ignatirus reminded us this weekend: "Rep. Mike Rogers and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the chairs of the House and Senate intelligence committees, respectively, said last Sunday on CNN that the world is not safer today than a few years ago. They were referring to the resurgence of al-Qaeda in Syria, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. These are not two-bit al-Qaeda franchises anymore; the State Department received an intelligence report recently that 5,500 foreign fighters are operating with al-Qaeda's affiliate, the...(Read Full Post)