Obamacare excludes world class hospitals

I recall when my dad had cancer, his insurance plan made it possible for him to be treated at the Mayo Clinic, one of the top cancer treatment centers in the world then and now. Too bad if you get your insurance via Obamacare, you won't be able to get treatment like that at several distinguished - and life saving - hospitals. Financial Times: Experts say the move by insurers to limit consumers' choices and steer them away from hospitals that are considered too expensive, or even "inefficient", reflects the new competitive landscape in the insurance industry since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare law. It could become another source of political controversy for the Obama administration next year, when the plans take effect. Frustrated consumers could then begin to realise what is not always evident when buying a product as complicated as healthcare insurance: that their new plans do not cover many facilities or doctors "in network"....(Read Full Post)