Margaret Thatcher Was Less Worthy of U.S Respect Than Nelson Mandela?

Four U.S. Presidents, current and former, will attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Upon his death, flags were ordered flown at half mast. Nelson Mandela, no matter what one's opinion of him, was indeed a historical figure who sacrificed much to end a morally evil system of government that denied rights to citizens based upon their race.  He was of great service to the transformation of South Africa. Margaret Thatcher, on the other hand, was not only a historical figure in British history but she was also a tremendous ally of the United States during  the Cold War. She stood side by side with the U.S. during a time when it was not domestically popular to do so. Both her economic and foreign polices helped to maintain Great Britain as a serious player in the world affairs. Upon the death of the Iron Lady, however, this administration did not bother to fly the flags at half mast. Not only did the president not attend her funeral, but no member of his cabinet deemed it...(Read Full Post)