Major gay media figure says gays should practice toleration for Duck Dynasty's Robertson

Kudos to Harvey Levin, founder of TMZ, and therefore a major media figure. Speaking with Greta Van Susteren last night on Fox News Channel, he came out against GLAAD's pressure to get Phil Robertson suspended from A&E's Duck Dynasty. In an earlier tweet, and then with Greta, he porefaced his comments by saying that he is gay. He notes that "our country was founded on freedom of religion" and that you have to come out for freedom of expression, even for things that are "abhorrent" to you. You can watch the segment here: I don't spend much time at his website TMZ, but I am sure it must be among the most popular, and in some ways influential new media outposts. From what I have seen of Mr. Levin in the past, he  is obviously highly intelligent, and I think in this instance, his even-handedness in preaching tolerance is highly admirable. In addition, he is highly attuned to popular culture, and may be reading the tea leaves more accurately than GLAAD and the...(Read Full Post)