Danger, Phil Robertson! Do Not Kiss Jackson's Ring

For the sake of America, please -- please, Phil, do not surrender.  We have seen this scenario played out on countless occasions: the left launching a shock-and-awe gang media assault on someone who dared to publicly challenge political correctness.  The target of their wrath is bludgeoned into submission -- overwhelmed with daily hit pieces filled with exaggerations, distortions, and even lies about the target's original comment and intent. I am black.  In his GQ mag interview, I felt no "evil or racist" intent in Phil Robertson's comments about the blacks he knew in his youth.  And yet, Phil's intention is irrelevant to the left.  Like sharks smelling blood in the water, they pounced on an opportunity to "trap" Phil -- branding him a racist and a hater of homosexuals for simply quoting the Bible. The left reminds me of the pious, arrogant, and elitist Pharisees in the Bible.  They hated Jesus for doing good works,...(Read Full Post)