Why my late, great uncle loved the Gettysburg Address

My late great Uncle Joaquin was a judge, college professor, an attorney and a big fan of President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.    He was a young boy when Cuba became independent in 1902.  Like so many of his generation, he was born in the island when it was a Spanish colony, saw the US occupation (1898-1902) and then cheered May 20, 1902 when it became an independent nation.  I can recall some of his stories about Cuban flags flying and people celebrating the moment. My guess is that he'd really enjoy the upcoming Ken Burns' documentary on the speech. He would also have a hard time understanding President Obama's absence for the 150th anniversary.  My great uncle would ask:   "What else is more important"? In fact, he was such a fan that my brother and I got to sit at his home study and hear him recite it in English & Spanish.  We were too young back in Cuba to appreciate his message.  It took me a...(Read Full Post)